Creating (and using) FORMS is one of the first things you should do inside ChapterBuilder.  These are your recruitment campaigns.  Set up forms once and you’ll almost never need to change it again.  Here are a few reasons to love ChapterBuilder FORMS.

  • You’ll add better PNMs to your list (and more of them).
  • You’ll save a ton of time and energy.
  • You’ll be able to easily track and analyze where every new member came from.

No more note cards or sign-up sheets needed.  No more lost paper and incomplete registrations.  Instead, you have a simple tool that is branded to your organization, customized to gather the information you care about, and electronic so it can be shared/embedded across any platform.

Below is a list of forms every chapter should create today:

Create a “page” not a “group” in Facebook and embed the URL of your form into the “call to action” of the Facebook Page.

Copy and paste the URL for this form into your chapter’s Twitter profile description.  If the URL is too long use to shorten it.

Copy and paste the URL for this form into your chapter’s Instagram profile description.  If the URL is too long use to shorten it.

Chapter Website
Embed the URL for this form into your chapter’s website homepage. Always provide an easy way for visitors of your website to express interest and refer friends.  The new form will do that for you!

National Website
PNM leads and referrals can be redirected to specific chapters’ ChapterBuilder accounts in real time. No more spreadsheets or emailing names with the headquarters staff.  Just contact us to set up this feature for free.

Alumni Email Campaign
Send the form link or embed it in an email campaign asking alumni for referrals.  Tip: Ask the national office for a list of alumni members within a geographic radius of your chapter’s address.  They’ll be able to pull alumni from other chapters that live in your area.  These members should be part of your campaign.

Scholarship Form
Summer scholarships are a popular recruitment strategy of high performing chapters.  Custom forms in ChapterBuilder can replace your standard “sign up / registration / interest form.”

Class of 20xx Facebook Page
Ask the admin of the page if you can embed or pin the link in their Facebook page for a set amount of time.  If not, post the link periodically and recommend that page members get involved on campus.

Marketing Campaign
Beware of spending time and money on fliers, tshirts, banners, chalking, etc that doesn’t result in a new PNM name on your list.  The goal should not be to “get your name out on campus.”   The goal should be to “get their name on your list” so you can get to know them.  Include a form link with ALL your marketing campaigns so people can tell you who they are and recommend friends.

Chapter-to-Chapter Referral
Send a form link to nearby chapters of your organization.  Ask them to do the same.  Your members know people from high school that go to their school.  As do they.  Help each other.

Student Organization Presentations
Create a custom form for EACH organization you are going to present to.

Sorority/Fraternity Presentations
Create a custom form for EACH organization you are going to present to.

RA Referral Request
Create a custom form for RAs to recommend high performing students on their call (and other RAs).  You are most likely to get names of students who are future leaders committed to campus involvement.

Faculty Referrals
Create a custom form for Faculty to recommend high performing students.  You’re most likely to get names of students committed to academic excellence.

Coaches Referral
Create a custom form for Coaches to recommend high performing students.  You’re most likely to get names of students who are athletes and team leaders.

House Tours
Create a custom form for House Tours.  No need for a “sign in book” at the front door anymore.  Instead, every new guest should be welcomed and every tour should begin with a warm welcome simple registration form that feeds your ChapterBuilder account.

Formal Rush
Each “round” of formal rush should have its own form.  Attendees complete the form when they arrive or RSVP.  ChapterBuilder merges the data automatically and compiles which events they previously attended as well as how many different ways the PNM was referred to the chapter.

Information Tables
No more notebook paper and pen.  Use an iPad, mobile phone, computer, etc to display a clean, professional looking form.  Press submit and his info is on your ChapterBuilder account.  The form quickly resets for the next person to enter their information.

Schedule Interviews & Meeting Sign Ups
Use a form to schedule specific interview times, special events, info sessions, etc.

Sports League / Activity Interest Form
Create a custom form to gather names and information of people interested in a specific sport, activity, road trip, tailgate, yoga class, etc.

Study Sessions & Tutor Inquiries
Create a custom form to gather names and information of people looking for tutors and/or study sessions that your chapter/members can host.

Service Project Sign Up
You’re already doing service projects.  Invite others to sign up to join you with a custom form.

High School & Guidance Councilor Solicitations
Create a custom form for high school students to express interest.  Some chapters use the scholarship to do this.  Some build relationships with specific high schools or specific guidance councilors.  Some post to social media and do marketing campaigns that appeal just to high school students and/or their parents.

New Student Orientation
Create a custom form for new student orientation.  See if you can put the link in the program book, add a marketing piece with the link to materials that parents receive, offer an info session about Greek Life for parents and students, use the form at an information table during orientation visits, or share the link in an email follow up to specific students you meet during orientation week(s).

Activities Fair, Quad Day, Involvement Carnival…
Whatever the name, nearly every school has a specific day(s) dedicated to introducing new students to all the clubs and students organizations on campus.  Create a custom form that your chapter uses for this important day.

Membership Interest Form
This is the “long” version.  A form that every PNM will fill out at some point of the recruitment process.  This form asks ALL the important questions you want to know the answer to.  ChapterBuilder will automatically merge this data with the other forms that have been completed so you have a complete profile of every PNM before the bid vote.

Remember, once you create the forms, you’ll have them forever.  They can be edited, but that shouldn’t be necessary unless you want to tweak the language or questions a little.  Having forms created sets the expectation for every Recruitment Leader that comes after you.

Here’s how to create a new form:
Settings > Fields.  Create or activate the “fields” that you want to include in your form.
Leads Generator > Forms.  Click “Create Form.”

Now that you’re using forms to manage your recruitment campaigns, here are a few analytics that you’ll love!

  • Every PNM profile will tell you all the ways (forms) by which a PNM was referred to you.  Look at the PNM profile next to the photograph for “Referrals Source.” Use this data to start a better conversation and know who referred him/her.
  • Insights > Referrals.  ChapterBuilder will show you where all your leads are coming from and which referrals sources are producing new members for your chapter.
  • Search field.  Type in the name of your form and all the PNMs generated from that campaign will pop up in your PNM list.