ChapterBuilder Mobile App Ready + Automatic Leads Are Waiting For You

Over 10,000 members — like you — have chosen ChapterBuilder as the center of your recruitment system. THANK YOU!! We love your excitement. You’ve filled the ideas forum with brilliant suggestions. Keep it coming! We’re listening to your requests for even more technology upgrades.

We are proud to tell you: two more major upgrades are ready!


The new iOS app is ready for all ChapterBuilder users. That’s you! Download or upgrade now for iPhone or Android.

A few features worth getting excited about:

  • Swipe to Endorse. Now every member can endorse PNM’s with an easy “flick of the thumb” for quick feedback from every member of your chapter. Knowing which members endorse which PNMs will help make your selection process easier and smoother.
  • Call, text, and email PNMs directly from the ChapterBuilder app and all your notes will be automatically logged in the PNM profile for you.
  • $0.00. Beginner account users get the app free for 30 days (then $2.99). Standard & Pro level users have unlimited free access for every member of the chapter all year long.

Standard and Pro version users can get even more excited:

  • Bulk text PNMs from the web platform with [insert first name] automation so they have a personalized experience. PNM replies forward to your mobile device through the ChapterBuilder app via push notification for personalized recruitment on the go.
  • Texts and calls with PNMs automatically log notes in ChapterBuilder for you.
  • Custom recruitment phone number is ready for activation (Yes, just like Google Voice). Calls/texts will forward automatically to your personal mobile device.

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ChapterBuilder is helping you meet high quality students. We’re putting leads of non-Greek students directly on your ChapterBuilder account for you to help your chapter meet more quality people on campus. To make these leads easier to identify, you’ll see a bright yellow star next to their name in the PNM list on the left side of the screen.

Q: Who are these “yellow star” names in my ChapterBuilder account?
It sounds too good to be true, but we promise it’s real. ChapterBuilder gathers names and contact information of non-Greek students and puts their PNM profiles directly on your ChapterBuilder account for you. These leads have a “yellow star” next to their name.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 8.21.49 PM

Q: Where did these “yellow star” names come from?
We are constantly developing new ways to help you generate quality leads. Currently, this includes friend referrals from other students as they register for formal recruitment, a national marketing campaign called ReThinkGreek, leads from our partner Councils, and more.

Q: How can I tell where the “yellow star” lead came from?
Click on their PNM profile. Next to their photo at the top of the screen you’ll see details about how they were recommended to your chapter.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 8.22.01 PM

Q: How many “yellow star” leads are there?
30,000+ non-Greek students have been introduced this Fall to chapters that use ChapterBuilder! Thousands more are being added every week to help you keep your year-round recruitment going strong.

Q: How should I contact them and what do I say?
The “yellow star” leads we send you are special. Your chapter will get the best results if you reach out to them with a personal message (we recommend a phone call). These are probably NOT people who signed up for formal rush. So, you’ll want to avoid bulk messages or invitations to rush events. Reference the referral source when you contact them. Our partners at Phired Up Productions have drafted some recommended phone call and text message scripts for your use (see below).

The ChapterBuilder team will continue to work hard for you. Thank you for trusting us to innovate recruitment with you. #SpreadsheetsAreDead


David Lecko & TechniPhi Support Team



Here is a sample script for a phone call to a lead named “Casey” who was added to your list through one of the ChapterBuilder leads generators.

“Casey! This is [MEMBER NAME]. I don’t think we’ve met before, but…

OPTION A: I got your name from [REFERRER NAME]. Do you know [REFERRER NAME]?
OPTION B: I think you checked out the website. Thanks for connecting with our fraternity/sorority community.

“I’m a member of [ORGANIZATION NAME], and I’m trying to meet up-and-coming student leaders on campus. If we got connected, that probably means we should learn more about each other. Are you on campus this week?

“Perfect. Let’s meet on campus at the coffee shop in the Student Union. I want to ask your opinion on a few things we’re doing to reach out to new student leaders. What day/time works best with your schedule?


Here are some sample texts to reach out to a lead named “Casey” who was added to your list through one of the ChapterBuilder leads generators.

  • “Hi Casey. This is [MEMBER NAME]. Are you on campus today? [REFERRER NAME] suggested we sit down to talk.”
  • “Hi Casey. This is [MEMBER NAME]. Saw you checked out the #ReThinkGreek site. I’d love to share more. What time do you get out of class today?”
  • “Hi Casey. I’m a member of [ORGANIZATION NAME]. My name is [MEMBER NAME]. Heard you might want to learn more. Are you on campus today?”

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