U of North Dakota Pi Beta Phi Women Succeed with ChapterBuilder

ChapterBuilder is a tool built for year-round, values-based recruitment. So it is no surprise when a sorority chapter committed to “COB” (Continuous Open Bidding) finds success using the tool.

One such chapter, the Pi Beta Phi chatper at the University of North Dakota, shared an anecdote about their COB success.

Pi Beta Phi North Dakota Alpha

“Spring recruitment went amazingly! And we broke a chapter record for the size of our spring recruitment class (also earning the largest spring class campus wide this year and second largest in history!) The work of the whole chapter made it possible, but especially the work of our COB group leaders, who used ChapterBuilder EXTENSIVELY during the winter and spring work to track our top potential recruits and make sure we were following up. It added a huge ease of communication to those leading the charge, as we were able to check in with one another and stay on the same page in between meetings. I can honestly say ChapterBuilder was a game changer and our success was measured in pledged new members! The leadership team feels comfortable with ChapterBuilder (it’s a beautifully designed site!)”

Carrie Sandstrom
Vice President of Membership
ND Alpha Pi Beta Phi

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