How to Recruit Members Who Do Service, Make Deans List, and Lead on Campus

Every chapter President dreams of a chapter full of members eager to do community service, fully committed to academic achievement, and deeply involved in key leadership positions on campus. Finding those people is no longer a mystery. They exist. Here’s how…

(Thank you to our friends at Phi Delta Theta for providing an example below.)

Two Reminders:

  1. Understand that many people who “sign up” for Rush or attend a recruitment event on their own are good people, but not necessarily the highest caliber students on campus. They’ve certainly made recruitment easier by showing up and asking for more information, but that doesn’t mean they’re automatically the best of the best for your chapter.
  2. The fastest way to improve the chapter’s GPA is not study tables. Rather, it’s recruiting people with a 3.0+ GPA. The fastest way to get members to do more community service isn’t yelling, fines, and point systems. It’s recruiting people who love doing service. The fastest way to get involved on campus in a meaningful way isn’t to make joining a student organization mandatory for every member, it’s to recruit members who desire or already lead other student organizations.


Create a new “form” inside ChapterBuilder. This will be your Survey that gathers meaningful data pertaining to the type of student you want to recruit and/or the campus event you are attending. This is your reason to engage with a new student, to have a quick, meaningful conversation, and to provide an opportunity for them to easily share their contact information.

Before you create the form, you’ll need to first add the questions you want to ask and information you want to collect into the “PNM Info” section of ChapterBuilder by going to “Settings” then clicking on “Fields.” Then you can select and rearrange the order of these questions when you “Create New Form.”


Below is an example from Phi Delt at Indiana State when they decided to attend the campus Volunteer Fair this week. They created this 6 question form in ChapterBuilder. The link was texted to all members to use at the Volunteer Fair.

Phi Delt did not have a table at the fair. In fact, they weren’t even wearing letters (although they could have). They were students at the Volunteer Fair just like everyone else, but they decided to do a little more with the opportunity by meeting new friends who shared their commitment to serving the Terre Haute, Indiana community.

ChapterBuilder Form Volunteer Fair Indiana State Phi Delta Theta

The members attended the Volunteer Fair, met other non-Greek men who were attending the fair, and asked them if they would participate in a quick Service Survey. 90% of men approached agreed to participate. The brothers typed in answers as he asked the man we was talking to the 6 survey questions above.

Over 80% of the people who participated in the survey said “yes” to being contacted about future opportunities to do service together (see last question). Then, the brothers handed their phones/iPads to the man taking the survey and 100% of them typed in their names and contact info to the form.

At the end of the survey, they pushed “submit” and the name automatically populated Phi Delt’s ChapterBuilder account with Name, Contact Info, and valuable information about what causes and why their new friend is so passionate about community service. Better yet, it opened the door for them to continue talking and building a friendship.

At the Volunteer Fair, not at a Rush Table, is where these men found guys who care deeply about doing community service — 0% of the guys they met had signed up for fraternity recruitment and only 1 person was already in a fraternity.


The same technique can be used to meet students in Academic Buildings, Honor Societies, Scholarship Fairs, etc. Students who attend these activities are already telling you they care about their academics.

The same technique can be used to meet students at Student Government Meetings, Activities Fairs, Involvement Carnivals, in the Student Activities Building, etc. Students who attend these activities/events are already telling you they care about leadership.

If you need help creating the form or using other features inside ChapterBuilder, visit and click “Request a Demo” for a live tutorial.

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