Explaining ChapterBuilder to Alumni

Your chapter is using ChapterBuilder. Excellent.  You want to explain ChapterBuilder to your alumni volunteers.  Smart.  How do you do that?

This blog will help.

Recruitment changes over time.  That timeline is speeding up.  We’re not surprised when older alumni are a little out of touch, but recruitment technology is changing so fast than even your youngest alumni may give you blank stares when you tell them what you’re doing.

Here five easy steps you can take to introduce ChapterBuilder to alumni members (young and old) so they understand, see the value, and feel included.

1. Explain WHY you are using ChapterBuilder:

“We’re only as good as the people we recruit.  We weren’t meeting or tracking relationships with many of the highest quality students on campus.  Now we are!  ChapterBuilder is the recruitment database, communication, and voting software that helps us produce consistent results.  Spreadsheets are dead.  ChapterBuilder makes us smarter, faster, and more effective at bringing higher quantities of higher quality people into our chapter.”

2. Share DATA points: 

  • ChapterBuilder launched publicly in fall 2015.
  • 40+ national fraternities and sororities are adopting ChapterBuilder.
  • 20,000 people use ChapterBuilder.
  • 1 in every 5 fraternity chapters in the United States is using ChapterBuilder.
  • 30,000 PNM leads were generated into ChapterBuilder accounts — these are high quality, non-Greek students that chapters may not have otherwise met.
  • 275,000 texts and 150,000 emails were sent via ChapterBuilder.  Recruitment is changing.
  • Chapters using ChapterBuilder from Fall 2015 – Fall 2016 added an average of 2 new members more than their prior year average.

3. Let them SEE ChapterBuilder:

  • Watch the teaser video at www.chapterbuilder.com.
  • Show them your ChapterBuilder account and how you use it.

4. Show them how it HELPS THEM as an advisor/alumnus:

  • Alumni registered as a chapter “coach” in ChapterBuilder have access to view the chapter’s account.
  • Coaches can monitor “insights” [show them the insights tab] to see exactly what is going great and to help fix misteps before it’s too late to recover.
  • Coaches receive proactive email communication directly from ChapterBuilder’s “virtual coach.”  They receive analysis, reports, and recommendations that will help them support the year round recruitment of the chapter.
  • Coaches have their own blog site [blog.ChapterBuilder.com] to help them maximize the technology and do their volunteer job at a high level.

5. It’s easy to get trained and GET STARTED:  

  • Sign up for a 20 minute training demo at www.ChapterBuilder.com
  • If appropriate, add alumni as a “team coach” in the “team” tab under settings.

Spreadsheets are dead.  ChapterBuilder is here to stay.  Undergrad feedback has been positive and the data is telling a clear story that its working – this is the future of recruitment.  Smart thinking getting your alumni involved early and often.  These five steps should help you and your alumni members feel confident growing your organization.

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