Sigma Tau Gamma Provides ChapterBuilder to 100% of Chapters.

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Contact: Gretchen Foran
Carmel, Ind. – Sigma Tau Gamma became the latest national fraternity to roll out the ChapterBuilder recruitment software to 100% of its chapters. All 74 of the organization’s chapters and expansion projects will adopt the technology which has already helped Sig Tau yield unprecedented growth.
As an early adopter of the software in its trial and beta test periods, Sigma Tau Gamma credits ChapterBuilder (which was created by TechniPhi – for a significant portion of its 20%+ membership growth since 2014.
“We want to give our members the tools they need to grow their chapters,” said Steve Latour, Sig Tau’s Chief Executive Officer. “ChapterBuilder gives our chapters an advantage over their peer groups on campus and brings the Excel/Google spreadsheet recruitment tracking era to an end. If our chapters commit to using this software, they will grow. ChapterBuilder works.”
Latour continued, “Sigma Tau Gamma’s national board set a strategic plan that calls for responsible growth. Getting to that goal without ChapterBuilder would be like flying an airplane without a control panel. On the national level, ChapterBuilder is our dashboard. We use the real time data to make minor course corrections and provide real time support in moments when our professional staff and volunteers can do the most good for our chapters.”
Sigma Tau Gamma is the latest national fraternity to fully adopt ChapterBuilder. Alpha Tau Omega announced their 100% rollout recently  ChapterBuilder was officially launched publicly one year ago this month. The description of the technology on the website ( reads, “ChapterBuilder brings potential new members to you, alerts you when it’s time to follow up, gets all your members and advisors involved, keeps recruitment organized, and even provides real-time analytics to make your recruitment process smarter than ever!” Within the first year of public availability, an estimated 40% of all fraternity chapters in North America have created an account. To further underscore the impact of this technology, 800,000 potential new member profiles have been created by ChapterBuilder users.
Josh Orendi, TechniPhi’s Chief Business Development Officer, commented on Sigma Tau Gamma’s announcement, “Sig Tau understand that a national fraternity has a responsibility to its chapters to do more than wait for new member reports to be submitted and process invoices. I’m proud of Sigma Tau Gamma because they are demonstrating that they are a proactive participant in recruitment rather than a reactive recipient of bio forms.”
TechniPhi’s CEO, Jessica Gendron Williams added, “There is growing sentiment across the country that is coming from undergraduate members, alumni volunteers, and university staff. Fraternity chapters want recruitment help. Allowing chapters to ‘wing it’ is not a strategy. I’m impressed by the steps Sigma Tau Gamma and TechniPhi are taking together to provide real resource and support for their chapters to grow responsibly.”
Nobody understands the importance of supporting chapter recruitment and expansion projects more than Dean Anderson, Sigma Tau Gamma’s Associate Director of Recruitment and Growth. He put it simply, “As a professional staff member at Sig Tau, it’s my job to help our chapters grow and succeed. We’ve seen that our chapters do better when they use ChapterBuilder. And I’m able to do my job better because of ChapterBuilder.”
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