Three Ways to Maximize ChapterBuilder During the “Off-Season”


Three Ways to Maximize ChapterBuilder During the “Off-Season”

By Gretchen Stahl Foran


We’ve hit the beginning of October. You’ve been holding events, working involvement fair tables, and using ChapterBuilder to recruit your new members. Heck, by this point you probably have recruited your new member class for the semester and may think it’s time to take a break.


Wrong! You know we aren’t going to let you get that comfortable right? 365 recruitment means building (and tracking) relationships year-round.


While it’s true your recruitment efforts might be slowing down, we don’t want you to forget about the ways you can maximize your valuable “off-season”. Now is the time to build those recruitment muscles so that you are in the best position to recruit at the highest level next semester. Check out some tips below to continue utilizing ChapterBuilder to its fullest potential during the next few months!


-Spend some time with your Insights. What activities brought you the most and least referrals? Take a look at your activities graph to determine how much activity it took to recruit your newest class of new members.


-Do some PNM cleanup! Do you have PNMs that have joined other chapters, or that you have determined aren’t a fit? Spend some time clearing out your account. Move those PNMs status levels to “F” or delete them from your PNM list using the bulk edit tool. Remember to leave the prospects that you are still recruiting for future communication.


-Take advantage of your newest members! Make sure they are added as new users in ChapterBuilder right away (use the “Team” tab in the settings area), and be sure to get referrals from them about potential members they may still know. Now is the time to upload those PNMs and start them through your recruitment pipeline!



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