5 Ways to Improve Your ChapterBuilder Efficiency

by Chris Buck

Are you wondering how to use your time with ChapterBuilder more efficiently? Here are 5 “hacks” and features that you can start using right now to using to maximize your ChapterBuilder experience, and enhance your recruitment efforts!

1. Main Contact Feature

The Main Contact feature allows you to assign PNMs to members of the chapter as their “recruitment liaison.” As a PNM’s Main Contact, you are not solely responsible for recruiting that individual. However, it designated you as the communicator who ensures those PNMs are connecting with the chapter and being invited to small activities. By using the Main Contact feature, you can filter your PNM list so that you are only viewing the individuals you are assigned to. This can be less overwhelming and allow you to focus on those you are responsible for communicating with.

2. Virtual Coach feature/alerts

Have you ever had such a large names list that PNMs fall through the cracks? Have you forgotten that you told someone you’d follow up with them? The virtual coach and alerts features help remind you to contact those you are responsible for communicating with. By going to the settings and the alerts tab, you can set automatic reminders for PNMs based on their status (A, B, C, etc.). You will know who to follow up with because they will appear in your alerts in the Action box, and will have a red circle around their status (letter grade) on the PNM list. Once this feature is set, it will apply to all users in your account. Additionally, you can go into any PNM profile and set a specific alert for them. You can find the the alerts option in a PNM profile on the lower right corner, below the PNM information box. Just pick the number of days until you want to be alerted to follow up with them, and never forget to contact a PNM again!

3. Daily Reminder Text feature

We know that you are busy and might not log in to your ChapterBuilder account every morning to see if you have alerts or who you need to follow up with, but there is a solution to keep you updated on what’s going on with recruitment. You have the option to sign up for daily reminder texts that will alert you to the top priority PNMs that you need to connect with. To opt-in for these texts, go to Settings > My Settings and scroll down to Email Settings. Then, just check the box to receive these texts and make sure your phone number is correct. From there you will start receiving daily text reminders and will always be updated with what’s happening in ChapterBuilder.

4. Tasks

For a recruitment chairman or committee, the planning or coordination of a chapter’s efforts takes everyone for it to be successful. ChapterBuilder offers the Tasks feature to help delegate and ensure that work is getting accomplished. By going to the Actions box and pushing the small +NEW button, you can create a tasks, assign them to a member of the team, and set a due date. The assigned team member will receive an email notifying them of the task. It will also appear in their Actions Box on their ChapterBuilder homepage.

Tasks can also be created for a specific PNM. For example, if you want to assign a member to pick up a PNM, you can go into their PNM profile, create a task, and it will be tied to that specific PNM. This way the team member knows who the task is for and how to connect with them.

5. Bulk Actions – notes, tasks, or communication.

Have you been copying and pasting the same note into PNM profile after PNM profile? Have you wanted to text more than one person at a time? Through the ChapterBuilder bulk action feature, you can save yourself some time. First, you will need to select the PNMs you want to add a note for on the PNM list. To do this, simply click shift on the PNMs to select a group or use the control key (PC users) or command (Mac users) to select individuals; you will know you have selected because they will appear green. You will also notice that the +NEW button at the top is now orange and should click on it. There you will see that you can now add notes, tasks, alerts, send an email, or event text the PNMs you have selected in bulk.