Delta Sigma Phi Recruits 75 at the University of Florida

by Chris Buck

Hearing that you are going to spend early spring (January – March) in Florida is exciting for any fraternity or sorority staff member; many end up in much colder and snowier regions of the country during that time of year. For the men leading Delta Sigma Phi’s expansion to the University of Florida, being in Florida didn’t mean a vacation. It meant hard work.

Determination, a competitive spirit, and teamwork were the winning combination that pushed Sam Edwards, Matt Beauchamp, and Nick Dietrich to recruit 75 men during their 4-week project expansion project for Delta Sigma Phi. I had the opportunity to sit down with Sam Edwards to discuss his experience, and it led to a great conversation about how they were able to share the gift of fraternity with so many men at the University of Florida.

Just for context, Sam is a fun guy, confident, spirited guy with a great sense of humor and hunger for excellence; he was a lot of fun to talk with with.

To kick things off, here are some quick facts about Sam.

Name: Sam Edwards

Title: Recruitment Specialist

Undergraduate Institution: Kansas State University

Year on Staff: 1st year; began in Summer of 2017

Buck: Tell me how the project started off? How did you begin getting campus excited for Delta Sigma Phi’s arrival?

Image uploaded from iOS (1)Edwards: We did a site visit during the Fall 2017 term and were able to do some sorority presentations during the visit. We also created an Instagram account; our Instagram game was on point. We arrived on campus with leads and were able to extend 10 bids the first week on campus.

Buck: How many meeting were you doing a day?

Edwards: Between the three of us we were doing at least 30 meetings a day.

Buck:Talk to me about the team dynamics; how did you divide the work? How did you work together?

Edwards: We all kind of had our own roles and the things we were each best at. We found that when we focused on that, we were able to maximize our effectiveness. We also had weekly calls with Woody Woodcock [the Vice President of Coaching for TechniPhi's sister company, Phired Up], and he always gave great guidance in managing our team dynamics.

Buck:How did ChapterBuilder play a role in your project?

Edwards: ChapterBuilder helped keep us organized. It was a great place to post notes. I am not a big fan of typing, so I would use headphones and Siri to create notes. We would roll calls through the platform, 40-60 a night, and would send mass texts too.

Buck: Why were you able to be so successful?

Edwards: We were honest about who we were, presented a unique product, and did so authentically. It was also about hitting daily benchmarks. I don’t like to compare one day to the next because some days you are only going to be in a position to give two bids. Instead I focus on doing the work and hitting my benchmarks each day for PNM notes, sending text, rolling calls ,etc. I made sure I was doing the best in each of these areas.

Buck: How’s the colony doing now?

Edwards: Great! They were really involved in the process and were given ownership. We had guys sign and give out bid cards to guys they helped recruit, and encouraged them to help build the legacy of Delta Sigma Phi at Florida and they’re running with it; they’re still recruiting even though we left campus.


After talking with Sam, it was clear that what made the expansion successful were the attitudes of those on-site, their ability to hone each team member’s strengths, and discipline to hit their key performance indicators (KPIs) each day. When I asked Sam what success meant to him he said, “I think you know that you’re successful if you would join the chapter if you were an undergrad. In the case of the colony at Florida, I would join!”

Congratulations to Delta Sigma Phi on their new chapter; we can’t wait to see the great things these men are able accomplish! Are you looking for help growing your fraternity or sorority? ChapterBuilder can add power to the work you’re doing! Email me at to learn more.