Partnership Spotlight: Alpha Chi Omega + ChapterBuilder

by Chris Buck

It is often thought that ChapterBuilder is only for fraternities, not sororities. Or, if it’s for sororities, it’s only for those who are participating in continuous open bidding or COB. Alpha Chi Omega is defying that misconception and using ChapterBuilder as a catalyst to spark growth in all chapters. This growth is not just in numbers, but in how they identify future members.

I had the privilege to sit down with Lisa Roane, Assistant Director of Collegiate Growth to discuss their experience and use of ChapterBuilder .

Quick Facts about Lisa

Years at Alpha Chi Omega: 4 years

Responsibilities: Oversees the establishment of new Alpha Chi Omega chapters and assists with recruitment efforts for established chapters.

Alma mater: Allegheny College

Buck: How has ChapterBuilder been built/adopted into Alpha Chi Omega’s recruitment process?

Roane: We have seen a huge change in the number of chapters that have had to participate in COB because of automatic re-adjustment of total. Through ChapterBuilder we have seen recruitment success and success in making COB more fun. We’re sharing this tool, showing them how to use it, so they’re actually using it. We have fit ChapterBuilder into our current COB processes that have already existed.

Buck: How have you seen chapters benefit from using ChapterBuilder?

Roane: A lot of the women are missing the first step of recruitment; building a names list. If you are trying to recruit 10 women you need more than 10 names on your list. You have to go out and find women; they’re not coming to you like in the formal process.

ChapterBuilder is also a place to store women’s information. There are women that want to join but they can’t right now; we like her, and want her to join, so we need to keep her information so she can join later. The ChapterBuilder waitlist has allowed us to do that; every chapter should have one.

Buck: So obviously, not all of the chapters that are using the platform need to participate in COB; why are they still using it?

Roane: Continuous open bidding is the ability to add women into our sisterhood throughout the entire year. We need to look at this as something positive. You are just reaching out to the women that you want to reach out to to talk about your organization and building a relationship with them. We are making COBing a normal thing, because it is.