Guiding Your Chapter on the Importance of ChapterBuilder

by Ellen Chesnut

Your members are the most important asset to your organization. Members give your organization purpose. They continue to let your organization live on and carry out legacies year after year (several fraternities and sororities are well over 100 years old!). Your members are the number lifeblood of your organization and that means you’ve got to do more than appreciate them; you’ve got to understand them – you’ve got to find out why they’re a member in the first place.

The relationships you cultivate with your members will determine your organization’s level of success, and like the success of every relationship, that depends on how well you know each other. When building these relationships, (what we call recruitment) and getting to know the potential members who are going to make your organization successful year after year, it’s hard to get a grasp on understand what that process should look like and how it should be managed.

We know that there are certain parts of recruitment that are out of your control, like primary recruitment policies and schedules.  We also know that recruitment doesn’t just happen during the primary recruitment season, it happens all year. When setting up your organization for success, the mindset of year-round recruitment needs to be presented in a way that all members can be engaged. When taking on a year-round recruitment mindset, the task may seem overwhelming. However, if we have the right tools in place, year-round recruitment can be really easy and get you on track to recruiting the best members who are going to create long-term success for your organization.

Our tool, ChapterBuilder, has been a key resource for tracking success during year-round recruitment. ChapterBuilder is a CRM, or Customer Relationship Management tool, which meants that it is software that tracks interactions with prospects and customers.  In fraternity and sorority recruitment terms, ChapterBuilder is a CRM that tracks interactions and relationships with potential new members.

Here are six key benefits of utilizing ChapterBuilder to help your chapters see success through year-round recruitment.

1. It’s always messy before it’s organized

The more you know about your potential new members, the better you’ll be able to provide them with the kind of experience they are looking for when joining your organization.  Everything they do, and every interaction they have with your organization, needs to be identified and recorded. To do this, you need to move beyond the sticky-notes and pretty notebooks.  Using ChapterBuilder’s potential new member profile to maintain key points of contact and demographic information, as well as track all interactions, will help you organize and store a vast list of the future members of your organization.

2. Enhanced Communication

ChapterBuilder allows your recruitment team and all members of your organization to provide the same high-level of recruiting, by having access to all the same potential member data and past interactions.  With a variety of communication tools including email, text, and the rolling calls feature, you can give your potential members the type of communication they prefer, when they prefer it. There is no more “starting fresh” when you can see what level of interactions other members have had and where each potential member is in the recruitment process.

3. Makes you Look Good (and Smart)

Your time is valuable and also jam packed with other important tasks competing for your schedule.  Your potential members’ time is also valuable. When starting the membership selection process, whether that be the first interaction or right before extending a bid, ChapterBuilder helps your recruiters know everything about the experience the potential members are receiving and how they are responding to them.  You will be able to know who needs contacted and when, and if you’re keeping good notes, you’ll know how they take their coffee too.

4. Automation

Recruiting new members isn’t as easy as throwing darts onto a board of PNM names, with whoever it lands on getting a bid for membership. Following all of your recruitment procedures and reporting, voting methods, and finding time to host and meet your potential members takes time. ChapterBuilder is designed to take the burden of many of these tasks off your team’s shoulders, thanks to the magic of automation. From creating tasks, to scheduling follow ups and reminders, ChapterBuilder keeps users on task and keeps the recruitment process running.

5. Greater Efficiency

Automatically stored communication allows you to view emails, text messages and phone call details in one easily accessible place. Add that with the ability to have multiple users accessing the same information, it simply skyrockets the amount of achievable progress.  The recruitment team can filter down tasks and information and share valuable insights about prospects to get the results your organization needs to be successful.

6. Proof

Incorrect data should not be the reason you cannot succeed.  With ChapterBuilder, the data is all in one place, which leads to improved analyzing of the data as a whole. From historic to real-time data, you can make resourceful and effective decisions to reap the rewards in recruitment for long-term membership.
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