Using ChapterBuilder to Maximize Continuous Open Bidding

PJI_0144by Chris Buck

You may have stumbled onto this article and thought, “Isn’t ChapterBuilder just for Fraternities?” We are always happy to share that we designed ChapterBuilder for all fraternities and sororities, and our sorority users see success with ChapterBuilder every day! In fact, the largest growing ChapterBuilder user base is women’s groups. We are proud that more and more organizations and individual chapters are using ChapterBuilder for both formal and informal recruitment. Recruiting after formal recruitment or all year round can be really, really tough.  However, building a team, setting a goal, and having a tool to help manage the process can make continuous recruitment easy and fun! Using a technology like ChapterBuilder allows you and the rest of your recruitment team to focus on building relationships and making smart thoughtful decisions when it comes to membership selection, the stuff we know you’re really good at! We are excited to share how chapters participating in the continuous open bidding process have made their lives easier by utilizing ChapterBuilder and these key features below to assist them. 1. Centralized Target List - ChapterBuilder was built to revolutionize the way we maintain our list of prospective members as we identify the best individuals to bring into our organizations. Using customer relationship management software , our platform serves as a centralized hub for communication, organization, and most importantly information. Members of your chapter can view PNM profiles, take notes, and share information that we learn to ensure we are making the best membership decisions. Pro-Tip: ChapterBuilder offers a bulk upload feature that allows you to take the names and information of the eligible members from your CampusDirector or other campus recruitment technology and upload them to your new account after the primary recruitment process is over. 2. Tabling: we’ve got you covered - ChapterBuilder makes tabling easier to collect names through our forms feature. Users can create custom forms, pull it up on their devices, and have PNMs enter their contact information, automatically generating a PNM profile in ChapterBuilder.  Pro Tip: Don’t just create forms for tabling, create forms to collect referrals from your social media, website, and alumnae newsletters too. 3. Communication & Alerts – Establishing consistent communication with prospective members is key for building a lasting relationship and sharing the gift of your organization. Through ChapterBuilder you can send mass texts and emails sharing organizational information and key dates. You can also create alerts to avoid having PNMs fall through the cracks. 4. Information – the most powerful component of ChapterBuilder is the centralized location for information. As we establish relationships with prospective members, we start to learn valuable information about who they are, what matters to them, and how they will contribute to the organization. This information is invaluable and vital for our members to make the best membership decisions. Information can be easily added through the application and can be displayed in a customized slideshow to facilitate membership discussions. ChapterBuilder’s goal is to be a resource to support each chapter and organization looking to make recruitment easier. Our hope is that you will consider joining us for a demo to show you how the platform works and how it could support you in either formal or informal recruitment this year. To sign up to learn how the platform could assist you, CLICK HERE!