Is Your Recruitment JV or Varsity?

by Matt Farrell

The Embry-Riddle chapter dove in deep at FIJI’s Recruitment Summit this July. I got to catch up with brother Craig Osborne to talk more about their shift from a JV to Varsity recruitment mindset. Craig is a spirited recruiter, best summed up by his Instagram motto of “Race Sunday, Sell Monday,”. This motto is fitting as he helped rev the recruitment engine for his Daytona Beach-based chapter.

Check out Craig’s story below. How can your chapter build a system like this?

An Identity Crisis

Our chapter a few years ago was super varsity. But we flew to the top and got complacent, we were trying to figure a lot of things out. I guess we realized that nothing was permanent. Numbers were down. We had lost general enthusiasm for putting in hard work, the drive itself was gone.

That’s why my brother Andrew and I went to the Summit. We wanted a new take on recruitment, how to get our system up from a business standpoint, and to find specific ways to get potential members more interested and execute from there.

New Skills at the Summit

The Summit was all cut and dry skills. ‘This is what you need to know and how to apply it.’ Other fraternity programs I’ve been to are more ‘here’s some concepts, think about how to apply it on your own.’ This meshed a lot better with my style; it was an awesome experience.

I never heard of ChapterBuilder coming into the Summit. My first reaction was, this would solve our biggest issue of keeping track of PNMs who say they’ll wait and then we never hear from again. This had been a big issue for us and we can never keep track of why they flaked in the first place.

Taking the recruitment plan back home

The biggest thing for us was how to market ourselves, making sure everything we posted was relevant to recruitment, and strategies for messaging PNMs directly. We set a goal of 25 new members, and got 30 names on our list in one night just by guys hustling through social media DMs.

Adding ChapterBuilder definitely encouraged us to be proactive. It gave us a head start on everyone else and built that winning mentality. We could all follow everything in real time.

ChapterBuilder really funneled in all our names. We had 70 names before IFC Meet the Greeks even started so we were way ahead of the game. At that point, guys just wanted to talk to us and didn’t know much about the rest of the event. There were so many kids at our tent that other fraternities sent guys over to talk to them.

The Home Stretch

The ChapterBuilder status systems helped a ton with keeping track, and the mass texts were an absolute blessing for me. I was sending out 160 texts every day of recruitment for a week automatically; it saved me hours a day easily. The fact that they can text me back without worrying about my phone blowing up was also huge.

Hurricane Dorian actually came through in the middle of recruitment and IFC had to cancel all weekend events, we didn’t have time to redo our flyers or anything but were able to instantly text everybody by name with the new schedule. Since it’s not an email we knew for sure they’re gonna read it.

Our goal was 25 guys, we voted on 55, extended 40 bids and 33 accepted. Almost 85% accepted and so we got to be truly selective. Over a third of bids accepted on IFC bid day were for FIJI.

What’s Next

That varsity mindset is back. We have a bunch of excited new guys that have a real chance to make this something special. We’re moving them off our A+ ChapterBuilder setting so they can help us recruit for another event next month. We want to stay ahead of the game this time.