Create a 5-Star Experience for Your Potential New Members

Would you like your potential new members to have a 5-star experience every time they meet one of your chapter members? One way to make that possible is to use a relationship management tool. We think you’ll relate to this story below. Read on!

Do you remember your first college campus visit?

Your parents were probably there with you, you took a tour together, and the entire experience was likely personalized and well planned for you by the university. This was no accident.

New Student Prientation

Enter Cole Grieves and Kiley Moody. They personalize the New Student Experience for prospective students at Kansas State University. They couldn’t do it without a CRM (customer relationship management) tool specifically designed for their new student process.

When it comes to prospective students, Cole and Kiley learn about the prospective student, help them experience what the university has to offer, and work with the student to find where they best fit (does this sound familiar to fraternity/sorority recruitment?).

“We work with 20,000+ prospective students. That’s a lot to build a relationship with. But with CRM, we can say to each one “remember when you came to our event in October?” Students are blown away that we remember,” says Kiley.

“Everything used to be on spreadsheets and paper. We used to move documents from one inbox to another,” Cole chimes in.

I asked more about their transition to CRM. Here are a few points they shared:

- CRM simplifies everything – K

- We have 45 people in the office. CRM lets us keep everybody on the same page. – K

- Prior to a meeting or activity with a prospective student, we’re usually getting things ready. CRM can send the attendees automatic reminders, so we can focus on other details needed to make an event great. – C

- When we have an event, if we have to cancel at the last minute, we can quickly mass-communicate with everyone. We used to have to rush and send 30 individual emails or texts. Communication is now easier and faster. – C

- If we work with 1000 students, and we make 2 errors, you might think that is pretty good odds. But for those 2 students, their experience is ruined. CRM lets us reduce errors and ensure everyone gets the great experience they deserve. – C

Kiley and Cole are just one example where a CRM can help build relationships. Nearly every industry in the world has a CRM specific to their needs. Now fraternities and sororities do to. Curious how you can build 5-Star relationships with more potential new members then ever before? Visit to request a complimentary demonstration.

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