The Power of Notes and Tags

Today we have a special message to share with you. We’re talking about the most important habit for tracking relationships: tracking notes.

First, notes allow you to make each PNM interaction personalized. Before reaching out to a potential, review the notes your team has entered in ChapterBuilder. See what they last talked about or what their interests/concerns are.

Second, notes help make bid voting objective and help get more members involved in recruitment. If you think a PNM is a good fit for your group, enter a note with an example (how does the PNM demonstrate your <a href=’’>values</a>?). When you vote on new members, bring up the notes as discussion points.

Third, notes give you a leading indicator of recruitment success. One chapter told us they noticed 0 PNM notes were entered. This was a red flag. They found out the VP of recruitment needed extra support. Thanks to checking the PNM notes as a leading indicator, the chapter got recrutiment back on track with plenty of time left in the semester to recruit new members.

Each time your team enters a note, they must select a tag. Tags track each type of note (made contact with PNM, PNM attended a chapter activity, etc). This allows your chapter to track results-driving behaviors and make sure your chapter stays on track.

Track Recruitment Progress

Here’s how your team can enter a note each time you interact with a potential new member:
- Sign into ChapterBuilder on your phone or computer
- Click on the PNM to open the PNM profile page
- Write a note and select a tag
- View previous notes by scrolling down on the page prior to meeting a new PNM, so you you remember

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