4 Seasons IFCs Grow with Technology

The following content was created with attendees of the 2015 IFC Academy hosted by http://www.nicindy.org/

Imagine walking to a large sporting event in a big city. Crowds approach the stadium on both sides of the street. One man stands at the corner holding a sign and shouting as people walk by. Nobody pays attention…


Almost every IFC (Interfraternity Council) in North America delivers a message to attract students to their Campus Greek Community. How do we measure the effectiveness of your IFC marketing?

The most popular answer is “to get our name out on campus.”

That’s the opposite of what produces results. If all we’re doing is shouting at our audience like the man on the street corner – then we’re not building a relationship with anyone.

The goal is to get potential new members’ names in your IFC database. Once you have their name, then you can build a relationship with them.

Nearly every IFC dabbles in technology with a database, twitter account, or website. Here are a few smart ways IFCs shared they’re using technology to put more names into their database year-round:


Cookout/ Flag Football/ Tailgate

Before your event, your IFC can run an electronic sign-up form - ChapterBuilder can automatically push those leads to all chapters. No longer does each chapter have to collect names individually. Each PNM can be sure he only has to enter his name once in order for every chapter to obtain his contact information.

Sorority Recommendations

Your campus Panhellenic Community may host a bid day or pre-recruitment welcome. Collaborate with your Panhellenic Community to ask Sorority New Members if they’d like to refer any men to go through the fraternity recruitment process. Use an electronic sign up form and distribute to Sorority New Members. Every women on their mobile device can enter “Who are the guys you’d recommend to go through the fraternity recruitment process?”

List of Incoming Freshmen

Many Registrars or Admissions offices are happy to provide you a list of incoming freshmen. Work through your Greek Life office to request the list from the appropriate professional on your campus. Your IFC can upload spreadsheets into ChapterBuilder – we’ll push the names to every chapter in your council.


Hot Chocolate Day

When it’s cold on campus, everyone appreciates a little warmth in their life. Your IFC can setup a table outside to distribute hot chocolate. Your newly made friends will smile – and you can ask them if they’d like to know about future hot chocolate opportunities. Put a URL on the cup where they can register to get notifications. They’ll leave happy, and you’ll have a list of warm leads (pun intended).



Your IFC may organize Philanthropy events throughout the year. One IFC grew their names list while serving a local church. Through service, this IFC showed the church some of the top students at their school. Afterwards, the IFC asked the church representative if they knew any new/incoming students who might appreciate connecting with involved students on campus. Provide the Philanthropy host an electronic form where they can enter their referred names.

Email Blast

The Ohio State University works with a credible university contact to send an email blast to incoming students. Find a credible person on your campus (like your University President) who endorses Greek Life to author a message – and include a URL where incoming students can learn more about your community.

Formal recruitment

For campuses who conduct formal IFC recruitment – you’ll appreciate that a little planning makes a better experience for your chapters AND new members. Use technology to plan your event schedule, collect registration fees, and communicate with everyone during recruitment. A tool like CampusDirector may improve your formal process.


Freshmen move-in

Purdue’s Greek Community created an app that shows newcomers the location of all fraternity and sorority houses. It shows the best route to buildings on campus, and includes a clickable map for more information.


Know your campus’ orientation dates. Know what technologies incoming freshmen use – use those technologies to create a positive, informative experience. Learn how a group at Colgate University took over Yik Yak with a positive, informative message for a day.

Scholarship applications

Many IFCs are curious. They ask, “How do we meet with or build relationships with people who don’t live near the school?” Some IFCs reserve a portion of their budget to host a scholarship for incoming freshmen. During the selection process, use video chat to interview candidates. Then when the new students arrive on campus, you’ll both know a familiar face!

Want to demo the latest technology for IFCs on a mission to grow? Request a ChapterBuilder or CampusDirector demo here.

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