TechniPhi is Hiring an Account Manager!

To apply email your resume and cover letter to

TechiPhi Account Manager Position:

The Account Manager will serve as the primary point of contact for training and support for all TechniPhi clients and users. He/She will lead the marketing efforts and social media channels for the company and position him/her self and the company as the industry leader in technology to help fraternity and sorority grow.

The AccountManager reports to the Sales and Marketing Director of TechniPhi. PRIMARY ROLE RESPONSIBILITIES

Communication & Relationships

  • Build and maintain relationships with all existing technology clients and partners.
  • Audit, edit and create world-class on boarding resources for all technology verticals and users.
  • Provide and be available for on site trainings and workshops for current and future clients.
  • Work as a part of TechniPhi team to evaluate clients needs, determine upgrades and future products, and create new ways to help organizations grow through technology.
  • Attend important industry conferences to represent company(s) as needed including but not limited to: AFLV, AFA, FEA, NIC, NPC, PFA.
  • Position yourself and TechniPhi as the industry leader in technology solutions that help fraternities and sororities grow.
  • Build and maintain close working relationships with all staff from PhiredUp, Innova and TechniPhi.
  • Work collaborative to trainandgarnerfeedback from PhiredUp staffon technology solutions.
  • Uphold, at all times, the values, mission and purpose of PhiredUp Productions and it’s subsidiary companies TechniPhi and Innova at all times and in all endeavors.


  • Serve as the primary point of contact for all technology demos, training, and on boarding.
  • Provide technical support to TechniPhi clients and users.
  • Lead the 24-hour technical support during heavy primary recruitment seasons of January, February, August and September.
  • Work with Operations Staff to manage renewals, contracting, and invoicing of clients.
  • Manage the collection of follow-up surveys, product recommendations and upgrade requests.
  • Manage the renewal process for all existing clients and users.

Sales andMarketing

  • Support and participate in the sales processes of the company for new and future clients and products.
  • Work with sales and marketing team to assess client needs, create proposals, and participate in sales meetings/call with future clients.
  • Manage all TechniPhi Social Media channels.
  • Collect and manage the collection of all TechniPhi client testimonials.
  • Oversee the execution of the TechniPhi Marketing Plan

To apply email your resume and cover letter to

Explaining ChapterBuilder to Alumni

Your chapter is using ChapterBuilder. Excellent.  You want to explain ChapterBuilder to your alumni volunteers.  Smart.  How do you do that?

This blog will help.

Recruitment changes over time.  That timeline is speeding up.  We’re not surprised when older alumni are a little out of touch, but recruitment technology is changing so fast than even your youngest alumni may give you blank stares when you tell them what you’re doing.

Here five easy steps you can take to introduce ChapterBuilder to alumni members (young and old) so they understand, see the value, and feel included.

1. Explain WHY you are using ChapterBuilder:

“We’re only as good as the people we recruit.  We weren’t meeting or tracking relationships with many of the highest quality students on campus.  Now we are!  ChapterBuilder is the recruitment database, communication, and voting software that helps us produce consistent results.  Spreadsheets are dead.  ChapterBuilder makes us smarter, faster, and more effective at bringing higher quantities of higher quality people into our chapter.”

2. Share DATA points: 

  • ChapterBuilder launched publicly in fall 2015.
  • 40+ national fraternities and sororities are adopting ChapterBuilder.
  • 20,000 people use ChapterBuilder.
  • 1 in every 5 fraternity chapters in the United States is using ChapterBuilder.
  • 30,000 PNM leads were generated into ChapterBuilder accounts — these are high quality, non-Greek students that chapters may not have otherwise met.
  • 275,000 texts and 150,000 emails were sent via ChapterBuilder.  Recruitment is changing.
  • Chapters using ChapterBuilder from Fall 2015 – Fall 2016 added an average of 2 new members more than their prior year average.

3. Let them SEE ChapterBuilder:

  • Watch the teaser video at
  • Show them your ChapterBuilder account and how you use it.

4. Show them how it HELPS THEM as an advisor/alumnus:

  • Alumni registered as a chapter “coach” in ChapterBuilder have access to view the chapter’s account.
  • Coaches can monitor “insights” [show them the insights tab] to see exactly what is going great and to help fix misteps before it’s too late to recover.
  • Coaches receive proactive email communication directly from ChapterBuilder’s “virtual coach.”  They receive analysis, reports, and recommendations that will help them support the year round recruitment of the chapter.
  • Coaches have their own blog site [] to help them maximize the technology and do their volunteer job at a high level.

5. It’s easy to get trained and GET STARTED:  

  • Sign up for a 20 minute training demo at
  • If appropriate, add alumni as a “team coach” in the “team” tab under settings.

Spreadsheets are dead.  ChapterBuilder is here to stay.  Undergrad feedback has been positive and the data is telling a clear story that its working – this is the future of recruitment.  Smart thinking getting your alumni involved early and often.  These five steps should help you and your alumni members feel confident growing your organization.

We are Growing Together!

The weather is getting colder, which is a perfect time to curl up under a blanket and read this blog about the extraordinary year we’ve had together.

We grew a lot together in 2015! Here are some of the highlights:

You’ll love hearing from these top ChapterBuilder users:

  • Sigma Nu recruits 112 new members at TCU using ChapterBuilder
  • Sigma Pi chapters raving about fast growth using ChapterBuilder
  • The system is incredibly helpful and allows my team to make contact with PNMs in a way that makes sure no one falls through the cracks.
    - Colin Pinkston, Lambda Chi Alpha at Coastal Carolina
  • I have multiple chapters with whom I work. Those chapters actively engaged with ChapterBuilder are experiencing tremendous success with recruitment with many closing in on or reaching campus total. This tool has enabled us to shift from a reactive to a proactive year round recruitment model! ”
    - Cat Aiple Smith, AOII Volunteer

Thank you for trusting us to help your chapter grow last year!

As you start back to school, remember the most successful chapters transition their new officers. We’ve made it easy! Add new officers to your ChapterBuilder account in Settings->Team. Whether officers are new to ChapterBuilder, or ChapterBuilder veterans, have your new officers request-a-demo to see how the best chapters recruit with ChapterBuilder.

We have a lot in store for you in 2016!

- The TechniPhi Team.


You requested it. We developed it. The ChapterBuilder Website Widget is here!!

10 minutes to set up and it’s FREE.

Fraternity and sorority headquarters gather recruitment leads and recommendations from alumni and members — often through the headquarters website. This is a great value for chapters! But, typically there’s a clumsy process involving spreadsheet(s) and a headquarters staff member sending multiple emails to chapter recruitment officers — hoping the chapter will follow up with potential new members.

Introducing the ChapterBuilder Website Widget! A faster, easier, more effective way to share recruitment leads! Place a bit of code on your existing website and ChapterBuilder sends your referrals to the right chapter automatically.

CLICK HERE to see a sample.

Here’s how it works:

In your ChapterBuilder HQ Dashboard -> Feeders section: Customize the form questions. Copy and paste your widget code onto your HQ website. The widget is ready to go! You can customize the form and style the widget button to match your website.

Many of your chapters may already have a ChapterBuilder account. Any leads for those chapters will automatically appear in that chapter’s ChapterBuilder account. Recruitment leaders receive a special notification and ChapterBuilder manages the following up for you.

If a chapter does not have a ChapterBuilder account, no worries! We’ll send the leads to the correct campus professional marked “Exclusively for YOUR ORG.”

Plus, your staff can access the dashboard to see where leads were sent and which PNMs joined.

BONUS: Customize a branded email message to let the PNM know when his/her name is recommended. Send an automated THANK YOU message to the submitter. Both automated messages can be configured to come from a member of your staff.

 Save your staff members time — they will not have to check your online website form any more. Give your chapters a competitive edge — they’ll receive recruitment recommendations automatically. Set up your widget in your ChapterBuilder Dashboard -> Feeders Section. Or call or email David at 314-401-6767 | to set up your website widget today.

 Thanks for a asking us to develop this great idea!!


Creating (and using) FORMS is one of the first things you should do inside ChapterBuilder.  These are your recruitment campaigns.  Set up forms once and you’ll almost never need to change it again.  Here are a few reasons to love ChapterBuilder FORMS.

  • You’ll add better PNMs to your list (and more of them).
  • You’ll save a ton of time and energy.
  • You’ll be able to easily track and analyze where every new member came from.

No more note cards or sign-up sheets needed.  No more lost paper and incomplete registrations.  Instead, you have a simple tool that is branded to your organization, customized to gather the information you care about, and electronic so it can be shared/embedded across any platform.

Below is a list of forms every chapter should create today:

Create a “page” not a “group” in Facebook and embed the URL of your form into the “call to action” of the Facebook Page.

Copy and paste the URL for this form into your chapter’s Twitter profile description.  If the URL is too long use to shorten it.

Copy and paste the URL for this form into your chapter’s Instagram profile description.  If the URL is too long use to shorten it.

Chapter Website
Embed the URL for this form into your chapter’s website homepage. Always provide an easy way for visitors of your website to express interest and refer friends.  The new form will do that for you!

National Website
PNM leads and referrals can be redirected to specific chapters’ ChapterBuilder accounts in real time. No more spreadsheets or emailing names with the headquarters staff.  Just contact us to set up this feature for free.

Alumni Email Campaign
Send the form link or embed it in an email campaign asking alumni for referrals.  Tip: Ask the national office for a list of alumni members within a geographic radius of your chapter’s address.  They’ll be able to pull alumni from other chapters that live in your area.  These members should be part of your campaign.

Scholarship Form
Summer scholarships are a popular recruitment strategy of high performing chapters.  Custom forms in ChapterBuilder can replace your standard “sign up / registration / interest form.”

Class of 20xx Facebook Page
Ask the admin of the page if you can embed or pin the link in their Facebook page for a set amount of time.  If not, post the link periodically and recommend that page members get involved on campus.

Marketing Campaign
Beware of spending time and money on fliers, tshirts, banners, chalking, etc that doesn’t result in a new PNM name on your list.  The goal should not be to “get your name out on campus.”   The goal should be to “get their name on your list” so you can get to know them.  Include a form link with ALL your marketing campaigns so people can tell you who they are and recommend friends.

Chapter-to-Chapter Referral
Send a form link to nearby chapters of your organization.  Ask them to do the same.  Your members know people from high school that go to their school.  As do they.  Help each other.

Student Organization Presentations
Create a custom form for EACH organization you are going to present to.

Sorority/Fraternity Presentations
Create a custom form for EACH organization you are going to present to.

RA Referral Request
Create a custom form for RAs to recommend high performing students on their call (and other RAs).  You are most likely to get names of students who are future leaders committed to campus involvement.

Faculty Referrals
Create a custom form for Faculty to recommend high performing students.  You’re most likely to get names of students committed to academic excellence.

Coaches Referral
Create a custom form for Coaches to recommend high performing students.  You’re most likely to get names of students who are athletes and team leaders.

House Tours
Create a custom form for House Tours.  No need for a “sign in book” at the front door anymore.  Instead, every new guest should be welcomed and every tour should begin with a warm welcome simple registration form that feeds your ChapterBuilder account.

Formal Rush
Each “round” of formal rush should have its own form.  Attendees complete the form when they arrive or RSVP.  ChapterBuilder merges the data automatically and compiles which events they previously attended as well as how many different ways the PNM was referred to the chapter.

Information Tables
No more notebook paper and pen.  Use an iPad, mobile phone, computer, etc to display a clean, professional looking form.  Press submit and his info is on your ChapterBuilder account.  The form quickly resets for the next person to enter their information.

Schedule Interviews & Meeting Sign Ups
Use a form to schedule specific interview times, special events, info sessions, etc.

Sports League / Activity Interest Form
Create a custom form to gather names and information of people interested in a specific sport, activity, road trip, tailgate, yoga class, etc.

Study Sessions & Tutor Inquiries
Create a custom form to gather names and information of people looking for tutors and/or study sessions that your chapter/members can host.

Service Project Sign Up
You’re already doing service projects.  Invite others to sign up to join you with a custom form.

High School & Guidance Councilor Solicitations
Create a custom form for high school students to express interest.  Some chapters use the scholarship to do this.  Some build relationships with specific high schools or specific guidance councilors.  Some post to social media and do marketing campaigns that appeal just to high school students and/or their parents.

New Student Orientation
Create a custom form for new student orientation.  See if you can put the link in the program book, add a marketing piece with the link to materials that parents receive, offer an info session about Greek Life for parents and students, use the form at an information table during orientation visits, or share the link in an email follow up to specific students you meet during orientation week(s).

Activities Fair, Quad Day, Involvement Carnival…
Whatever the name, nearly every school has a specific day(s) dedicated to introducing new students to all the clubs and students organizations on campus.  Create a custom form that your chapter uses for this important day.

Membership Interest Form
This is the “long” version.  A form that every PNM will fill out at some point of the recruitment process.  This form asks ALL the important questions you want to know the answer to.  ChapterBuilder will automatically merge this data with the other forms that have been completed so you have a complete profile of every PNM before the bid vote.

Remember, once you create the forms, you’ll have them forever.  They can be edited, but that shouldn’t be necessary unless you want to tweak the language or questions a little.  Having forms created sets the expectation for every Recruitment Leader that comes after you.

Here’s how to create a new form:
Settings > Fields.  Create or activate the “fields” that you want to include in your form.
Leads Generator > Forms.  Click “Create Form.”

Now that you’re using forms to manage your recruitment campaigns, here are a few analytics that you’ll love!

  • Every PNM profile will tell you all the ways (forms) by which a PNM was referred to you.  Look at the PNM profile next to the photograph for “Referrals Source.” Use this data to start a better conversation and know who referred him/her.
  • Insights > Referrals.  ChapterBuilder will show you where all your leads are coming from and which referrals sources are producing new members for your chapter.
  • Search field.  Type in the name of your form and all the PNMs generated from that campaign will pop up in your PNM list.

How to Recruit Members Who Do Service, Make Deans List, and Lead on Campus

Every chapter President dreams of a chapter full of members eager to do community service, fully committed to academic achievement, and deeply involved in key leadership positions on campus. Finding those people is no longer a mystery. They exist. Here’s how…

(Thank you to our friends at Phi Delta Theta for providing an example below.)

Two Reminders:

  1. Understand that many people who “sign up” for Rush or attend a recruitment event on their own are good people, but not necessarily the highest caliber students on campus. They’ve certainly made recruitment easier by showing up and asking for more information, but that doesn’t mean they’re automatically the best of the best for your chapter.
  2. The fastest way to improve the chapter’s GPA is not study tables. Rather, it’s recruiting people with a 3.0+ GPA. The fastest way to get members to do more community service isn’t yelling, fines, and point systems. It’s recruiting people who love doing service. The fastest way to get involved on campus in a meaningful way isn’t to make joining a student organization mandatory for every member, it’s to recruit members who desire or already lead other student organizations.


Create a new “form” inside ChapterBuilder. This will be your Survey that gathers meaningful data pertaining to the type of student you want to recruit and/or the campus event you are attending. This is your reason to engage with a new student, to have a quick, meaningful conversation, and to provide an opportunity for them to easily share their contact information.

Before you create the form, you’ll need to first add the questions you want to ask and information you want to collect into the “PNM Info” section of ChapterBuilder by going to “Settings” then clicking on “Fields.” Then you can select and rearrange the order of these questions when you “Create New Form.”


Below is an example from Phi Delt at Indiana State when they decided to attend the campus Volunteer Fair this week. They created this 6 question form in ChapterBuilder. The link was texted to all members to use at the Volunteer Fair.

Phi Delt did not have a table at the fair. In fact, they weren’t even wearing letters (although they could have). They were students at the Volunteer Fair just like everyone else, but they decided to do a little more with the opportunity by meeting new friends who shared their commitment to serving the Terre Haute, Indiana community.

ChapterBuilder Form Volunteer Fair Indiana State Phi Delta Theta

The members attended the Volunteer Fair, met other non-Greek men who were attending the fair, and asked them if they would participate in a quick Service Survey. 90% of men approached agreed to participate. The brothers typed in answers as he asked the man we was talking to the 6 survey questions above.

Over 80% of the people who participated in the survey said “yes” to being contacted about future opportunities to do service together (see last question). Then, the brothers handed their phones/iPads to the man taking the survey and 100% of them typed in their names and contact info to the form.

At the end of the survey, they pushed “submit” and the name automatically populated Phi Delt’s ChapterBuilder account with Name, Contact Info, and valuable information about what causes and why their new friend is so passionate about community service. Better yet, it opened the door for them to continue talking and building a friendship.

At the Volunteer Fair, not at a Rush Table, is where these men found guys who care deeply about doing community service — 0% of the guys they met had signed up for fraternity recruitment and only 1 person was already in a fraternity.


The same technique can be used to meet students in Academic Buildings, Honor Societies, Scholarship Fairs, etc. Students who attend these activities are already telling you they care about their academics.

The same technique can be used to meet students at Student Government Meetings, Activities Fairs, Involvement Carnivals, in the Student Activities Building, etc. Students who attend these activities/events are already telling you they care about leadership.

If you need help creating the form or using other features inside ChapterBuilder, visit and click “Request a Demo” for a live tutorial.

U of North Dakota Pi Beta Phi Women Succeed with ChapterBuilder

ChapterBuilder is a tool built for year-round, values-based recruitment. So it is no surprise when a sorority chapter committed to “COB” (Continuous Open Bidding) finds success using the tool.

One such chapter, the Pi Beta Phi chatper at the University of North Dakota, shared an anecdote about their COB success.

Pi Beta Phi North Dakota Alpha

“Spring recruitment went amazingly! And we broke a chapter record for the size of our spring recruitment class (also earning the largest spring class campus wide this year and second largest in history!) The work of the whole chapter made it possible, but especially the work of our COB group leaders, who used ChapterBuilder EXTENSIVELY during the winter and spring work to track our top potential recruits and make sure we were following up. It added a huge ease of communication to those leading the charge, as we were able to check in with one another and stay on the same page in between meetings. I can honestly say ChapterBuilder was a game changer and our success was measured in pledged new members! The leadership team feels comfortable with ChapterBuilder (it’s a beautifully designed site!)”

Carrie Sandstrom
Vice President of Membership
ND Alpha Pi Beta Phi

ChapterBuilder Mobile App Ready + Automatic Leads Are Waiting For You

Over 10,000 members — like you — have chosen ChapterBuilder as the center of your recruitment system. THANK YOU!! We love your excitement. You’ve filled the ideas forum with brilliant suggestions. Keep it coming! We’re listening to your requests for even more technology upgrades.

We are proud to tell you: two more major upgrades are ready!


The new iOS app is ready for all ChapterBuilder users. That’s you! Download or upgrade now for iPhone or Android.

A few features worth getting excited about:

  • Swipe to Endorse. Now every member can endorse PNM’s with an easy “flick of the thumb” for quick feedback from every member of your chapter. Knowing which members endorse which PNMs will help make your selection process easier and smoother.
  • Call, text, and email PNMs directly from the ChapterBuilder app and all your notes will be automatically logged in the PNM profile for you.
  • $0.00. Beginner account users get the app free for 30 days (then $2.99). Standard & Pro level users have unlimited free access for every member of the chapter all year long.

Standard and Pro version users can get even more excited:

  • Bulk text PNMs from the web platform with [insert first name] automation so they have a personalized experience. PNM replies forward to your mobile device through the ChapterBuilder app via push notification for personalized recruitment on the go.
  • Texts and calls with PNMs automatically log notes in ChapterBuilder for you.
  • Custom recruitment phone number is ready for activation (Yes, just like Google Voice). Calls/texts will forward automatically to your personal mobile device.

screen322x572 (1)


ChapterBuilder is helping you meet high quality students. We’re putting leads of non-Greek students directly on your ChapterBuilder account for you to help your chapter meet more quality people on campus. To make these leads easier to identify, you’ll see a bright yellow star next to their name in the PNM list on the left side of the screen.

Q: Who are these “yellow star” names in my ChapterBuilder account?
It sounds too good to be true, but we promise it’s real. ChapterBuilder gathers names and contact information of non-Greek students and puts their PNM profiles directly on your ChapterBuilder account for you. These leads have a “yellow star” next to their name.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 8.21.49 PM

Q: Where did these “yellow star” names come from?
We are constantly developing new ways to help you generate quality leads. Currently, this includes friend referrals from other students as they register for formal recruitment, a national marketing campaign called ReThinkGreek, leads from our partner Councils, and more.

Q: How can I tell where the “yellow star” lead came from?
Click on their PNM profile. Next to their photo at the top of the screen you’ll see details about how they were recommended to your chapter.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 8.22.01 PM

Q: How many “yellow star” leads are there?
30,000+ non-Greek students have been introduced this Fall to chapters that use ChapterBuilder! Thousands more are being added every week to help you keep your year-round recruitment going strong.

Q: How should I contact them and what do I say?
The “yellow star” leads we send you are special. Your chapter will get the best results if you reach out to them with a personal message (we recommend a phone call). These are probably NOT people who signed up for formal rush. So, you’ll want to avoid bulk messages or invitations to rush events. Reference the referral source when you contact them. Our partners at Phired Up Productions have drafted some recommended phone call and text message scripts for your use (see below).

The ChapterBuilder team will continue to work hard for you. Thank you for trusting us to innovate recruitment with you. #SpreadsheetsAreDead


David Lecko & TechniPhi Support Team



Here is a sample script for a phone call to a lead named “Casey” who was added to your list through one of the ChapterBuilder leads generators.

“Casey! This is [MEMBER NAME]. I don’t think we’ve met before, but…

OPTION A: I got your name from [REFERRER NAME]. Do you know [REFERRER NAME]?
OPTION B: I think you checked out the website. Thanks for connecting with our fraternity/sorority community.

“I’m a member of [ORGANIZATION NAME], and I’m trying to meet up-and-coming student leaders on campus. If we got connected, that probably means we should learn more about each other. Are you on campus this week?

“Perfect. Let’s meet on campus at the coffee shop in the Student Union. I want to ask your opinion on a few things we’re doing to reach out to new student leaders. What day/time works best with your schedule?


Here are some sample texts to reach out to a lead named “Casey” who was added to your list through one of the ChapterBuilder leads generators.

  • “Hi Casey. This is [MEMBER NAME]. Are you on campus today? [REFERRER NAME] suggested we sit down to talk.”
  • “Hi Casey. This is [MEMBER NAME]. Saw you checked out the #ReThinkGreek site. I’d love to share more. What time do you get out of class today?”
  • “Hi Casey. I’m a member of [ORGANIZATION NAME]. My name is [MEMBER NAME]. Heard you might want to learn more. Are you on campus today?”

New Software To Transform Fraternity/Sorority Recruitment Launched To The Public


Contact: Jessica Gendron Williams


Carmel, Indiana – A new technology built to help fraternities and sororities recruit higher quantities of higher quality people was launched to the public today. The software — called ChapterBuilder — already has over 100,000 potential new members flowing through the system thanks to nearly 1000 active chapters already utilizing the software during its pre-launch phase. Today ChapterBuilder is available to all fraternities and sororities who want a simple yet sophisticated Names List tool to manage year-round, values-based recruitment.


TechniPhi, a company focused on sharing the life-changing gift of Greek Life with more high quality people, “soft launched” ChapterBuilder in 2013. Five semesters of testing and upgrading the software have provided a base of raving fans and evidence that the tool is ready to become the standard for every fraternity/sorority chapter in the world.




There is no barrier to entry. “The beginner version of ChapterBuilder does everything a Google spreadsheet does and more, and it’s 100% FREE. $0 dollars. No catch.” This from Josh Orendi, a founder of TechniPhi. “This is our gift to the industry.” The standard version of ChapterBuilder costs $500 and is by far the most technologically advanced tool the fraternity/sorority world has ever seen.Orendi continued, “Most organizations are telling us they’ll see a return on their investment in the standard version of ChapterBuilder if it helps them add just 1 or 2 new members.”


Interested fraternities or sororities should visit for a demo.


ChapterBuilder is a tool to manage the relationship between potential members and the chapter. The software is a web-based system usable by any chapter member, consultant, or advisor, anywhere in the world. ChapterBuilder is accessible on any computer, tablet, or phone with an internet connection (an app is available from the Android or Apple app stores).


Orendi shared in a statement from the company, “This technology is long overdue. Every professional industry in the world — sales, marketing, nonprofit, fundraising, military, political campaigns — they all use customer relationship management (CRM) software specific to their audience. There is nothing new about TechniPhi’s approach. What is new is that fraternity/sorority recruitment experts have created custom software specifically for fraternity/sorority chapters with features that have never been available until now. It’s crazy to think that we expect our undergraduates to recruit the best of the best on their campus from an Excel or Google spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are dead!”


Orendi continued, “I find myself reminding even our most seasoned Greek Life leaders that we are an industry of 9 million members, nearly a million top undergraduate leaders, hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue, many of the most capable leaders on the planet who want nothing more than to make their chapters great … and we’ve been expecting them to do it with a rush week sign up sheet. We have the technology now.”


Over 40 Inter/national fraternity and sorority headquarters have committed to join TechniPhi for the August 2015 launch of ChapterBuilder. Dozens of campus partners are lining up to pilot the council version of ChapterBuilder this fall.




Jessica Gendron Williams, CEO of TechniPhi and its sister companies Innova and Phired Up Productions, said, “We are not a technology company trying to figure out recruitment. We are a team of recruitment experts bringing the best technology in the world to fraternity/sorority.” She continued, “It would be a mistake to only view ChapterBuilder as recruitment software to make chapters bigger.ChapterBuilder can make chapters safer, more selective, and more inclusive….  ChapterBuilder lowers risks associated with traditional rush. It is a tool to shape year-round, values-based recruitment. ChapterBuilder puts relationships first and places values front and center in recruitment.


“My biggest surprise going into this fall has come from Executive Directors of the national organizations.” Said David Lecko, the software’s lead programmer, “Consistently we’re hearing them tell us that they appreciate that ROI of ChapterBuilder by adding quantity of members, but they are far more interested the software’s innovations that are making quality control available for the first time.”


“Fraternity/sorority alumni leaders from outside the bubble of higher education are giving us consistent feedback that this is a no-brainer,” said Orendi. “Most are already using a CRM tool in their workplace and volunteer roles outside of Greek Life. They are telling us they can’t believe this didn’t already exist and that they’re thrilled to see that undergraduates are learning how to use a system/software that mirrors what they’ll be expected to know in their future careers.”


Early users of ChapterBuilder are raving about simplicity and ease of use. Communication tools like personalized bulk texting/emailing, social media integration, mobile ready app, virtual coach that lives inside the software, customizations, and advanced analytics are all poised to shake up the way recruitment has been done by Greek organizations for decades.

Visit for more information.

TechniPhi creates technology solutions to grow fraternities and sororities. ChapterBuilder joins TechniPhi’s formal recruitment software called CampusDirector as a key product offered by the company. In 2014 TechniPhi was formed by the leaders of Phired Up Productions, along with the acquisition of a marketing company called Innova. The three companies, based in Carmel, Indiana, work closely together to provide education, technology and marketing solutions that grow the fraternal movement.

Launch Partners Include:

  • Acacia
  • Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Alpha Sigma Phi
  • Alpha Tau Omega
  • Chi Phi
  • Chi Psi
  • Delta Chi
  • Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Delta Sigma Phi
  • Delta Tau Delta
  • Gamma Phi Beta
  • Kappa Delta Rho
  • Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Phi Delta Theta
  • Phi Gamma Delta
  • Phi Kappa Psi
  • Phi Kappa Sigma
  • Phi Kappa Tau
  • Phi Kappa Theta
  • Phi Mu Delta
  • Pi Beta Phi
  • Pi Kappa Alpha
  • Pi Lambda Phi
  • Sigma Alpha Mu
  • Sigma Chi
  • Sigma Nu
  • Sigma Pi
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma
  • Sigma Tau Gamma
  • Theta Tau
  • Zeta Beta Tau

Campus Launch Partners:

  • Arizona State University
  • Baldwin Wallace
  • Georgia Tech
  • Iowa State
  • Kansas State
  • Michigan State
  • Robert Morris University
  • Southern Illinois University
  • Texas State
  • University of Central Oklahoma
  • University of Houston

#  #  #

5 Steps to Coach From a Distance – Part 1

You’ll freak out, Expansion Directors, Chapter Services Staff, and Alumni.

We love the work that we do. We’re often invested in the success  of our chapters’ growth, yet due to geography, only see our chapter members face-to-face once per year.

Sometimes our conversations go something like Q: “How’s recruitment going?” A: “Good. We met a lot of people this week. Really excited!” The answers we hear from our distant brothers or sisters are the best answers available, yet if they follow up with sub-par results, we’re not sure how to fix the problem.

With ChapterBuilder, you can track recruitment analytics in real time, drive more pointed conversations, and measure the effectiveness of your annual face-to-face visit! Building relationships is an art and a science. This guide focuses the science, using ChapterBuilder to coach effectively from a distance.

1) Coaching Points: Overviewcoachguide1

How many PNMs are on our list? 512
How many did we add in the last week? 107     In the last 30 days, 90 days?
How often do we contact a PNM on average? Every 6 days
How many PNMs have we communicated with this week? 55% of total list

We organize our process with PNM statuses. When you meet a pnm their status is “needs to be contacted.” There are 4 status levels before joining. How long does it take for a PNM to join? 8 days * 4 status levels = 32 days.

2) Coaching points: Activity Graphcoachguide2

Our goal is to meet as many PNMs in person as possible. If we want to maximize the number of interviews/1-1 meetings we schedule throughout the week, when should we reach out to schedule the meetings?

Activity peaks at the beginning of the week. Allowing us to schedule meetings of the rest of the week.

We want to continuously improve. How did our effort compare to last week? Blue line= this week. Grey line= last week. We showed improvement!

3) Coaching points: Referralscoachguide3

We want to spend effort where we are most effective. We want to repeat good practices on future projects. What activities generated the most names? Spring no bid list!

4) Coaching points: Names List

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.10.39 AM

We want to know our members well before we invite them to join. We want to track our relationships in order to have the best chances of reaching our goal. How many times did we talk to our PNMs before they joined?

Blue arrow We only spoke one time.

Strong relationships involve frequent communication. Have we been out of touch with anybody?

Red arrow We can sort our list by date recently contacted.We can see we haven’t talked to Josh and Marissa since February

5) Coaching points: Phone Calls

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.11.03 AM

Calling potential new members can be an effective want to setup a meeting. 

How many calls has our team made? 1

Who on our team is calling more people and what can we learn from them? 

Average call time 4 minutes

Great interactions build great relationships. After a long day of meeting people, we’re tired when it is time to roll calls at the end of the day. 50% of our calls go to voicemail. Are we able to keep our message on-point and well delivered when rolling calls?

50% of our calls go to Voicemail. Who is responding to answering machines most effectively? Are they taking advantage of the pre-written text messages and pre-recorded voicemails? 

When we finish a full day of recruitment and it’s time to roll calls, we can be tired. These advanced call features can help us save energy for the calls who pick-up, while increasing our message consistency for those calls that go to voicemail.

Next Steps:

Use one of the five coaching areas in this blog to drive a conversation with one of your chapters!

Stay tuned for Coaching from a Distance – Part 2.